All Together Now 2020: Week3

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All Together Now 2020: Week3
Videos in this collection include a highlight video with excerpts from lectures and seminars from the third week; Melila Hellner-Eshed's discussion on spiritual sustenance in a time of crisis; Yehuda Kurtzer's lecture on pluralism in the face of injustice; Dani Dayan's conversation with Yehuda Kurtzer on American Judaism; and Israel Knohl's lecture on crisis and transformation in the Bible.
Looking at how the Jewish Community within American Society can come together to mourn the loss of lives from COVID-19, as well as how to mourn for/with marginalized communities who are suffering beyond the disease. A number of the lecturers from this week draw from the Jewish experience to bridge understanding between social issues affecting American society, with a focus on the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. All three videos of this collection depict how broader social issues in both American society and the world impact the Jewish community. Showing these perspectives allow for insight into how religious communities navigate and balance religion with everyday life.
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July 19, 2020
Shalom Hartman Institute
Religious Freedom
Race and Religion
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