User Guide

The Collecting These TimesFind A Collecting Project” interface allows you to filter the collecting projects to find one that suits your needs. The four drop-down menus on the left can be used in any combination to help you narrow your search.

How Would You Like to Contribute?

This section allows you to select how you want to submit your materials. You can choose only one of the following options at a time and each choice will provide you with a different set of projects.

  • Upload materials to a collection using an online form
  • Email materials to a person at a collecting institution
  • Donate physical objects to a collection
  • Record a story or an interview
  • Write a reflection about your experience in these times

What Would You Like to Contribute?

This section allows you to filter projects according to the materials you have or are looking to contribute. Not all audio submissions correlate to oral history projects.

  • images
  • videos
  • audio
  • text or documents
  • oral histories
  • websites
  • physical objects
  • tell my story

Where Are You From?

This option allows you to contribute to projects located in your region. Some projects cast a wider net than others.

  • Northeast
  • Midwest
  • West
  • South
  • Outside the U.S.

What Kind of Project Are You Looking For?

This section allows you to choose whether or not you want to contribute to projects that have a specific focus on Jewish communities or a broader focus on the pandemic in general.

  • A collection focused on Jewish materials and experiences
  • A collection with a general focus on the pandemic, which includes Jewish materials and experiences

The Collecting These TimesBrowse Contributed Items” allows you to view materials that have been added to the various projects connected to the web portal. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on which materials to contribute, conducting research, or simply interested in learning more, this page allows you to browse the collections in one place.

Use the “advanced search” at the top of the page to narrow your search results.

  • Use “full text” to search for terms of interest
  • Narrow by type of materials
  • Item set allows you to choose objects connected to specific collections tied to CTT
  • Narrow by date to choose objects from specific periods during the pandemic