Family Shabbat Candle Lighting

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Family Shabbat Candle Lighting
After my father passed away in December, my mom, sisters and our families began to light the Shabbat candles together on Zoom every Friday evening. This is a weekly tradition that began during Covid, and is a lovely way for us to connect with each other every week to start Shabbat. We also share the challah that we have baked (if we have baked that week).

Since I have been saying Kaddish for my dad since December, I have joined a daily minyan that my mom and sisters and some nieces and nephews have also joined. This online community has become a nice daily ritual to remember my dad.

My mom and sister's family live in Minneapolis, where I grew up. I live in San Francisco, and the rest of the family is in Monterey, CA, Boulder, CO, Madison, WI and Washington, DC. The daily minyan and the candle lighting are a nice way for us to connect and see each other every day and every week.
Date Created
May 7, 2021
Beth El Synagogue in Minneapolis, MN
San Francisco
Andy Greenberg

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