Purim, Quarantine, and Sports Venn Diagram

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Purim, Quarantine, and Sports Venn Diagram
Alma's (@hey.alma) instagram caption:
You're gonna look at us and tell us that we're wrong???⁠

Image description: A three-circle venn diagram. One circle is "Jews on Purim," another is "sports fans" and last is "me in quarantine." The overlap between all three is "drinking," between Purim/sports is "boo-ing" and "special outfits," between Purim/quarantine is "baking complex cookies," and between quarantine/sports is "sitting on the couch." Unique to Purim is "read the megillah [book of esther]," to sports is "know obscure sports stats" and quarantine is "scrolling tiktok endlessly." Whew, describing venn diagrams is TOUGH.
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February 22, 2021
Alma (@hey.alma)
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