Politz Day School - Ariel: 7th Grade Covid Reflection

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Politz Day School - Ariel: 7th Grade Covid Reflection
Hi, my experience of learning during quarantine for COVID was stressful. Before the pandemic even started we went to school on the bus normally. We also had lockers just like normal. Then we started to hear things about the virus and that in Baltimore they had to social distance and wear masks. We thought it was never going to happen to us. But then it came and we had to go online for the rest of the year. Honestly at first I thought the quarantine was fun because we didn’t have to go to school in person. After a month I started to hate it. My focusing skills were terrible because we weren’t in person so I spaced out a lot.

Learning in school during COVID was way better than online. Since we got back into school, I could learn much better so I made sure to take advantage and learn. But it was very different because we had all these restrictions. We had to stay 6 feet away from each other, wear a mask, we still needed to Zoom with the people that wanted to stay online, with the owl, and we had to sanitize our hands and everything we touched. You might wonder what the owl is? Well, it is a camera, speaker and a microphone all in one that is connected to the Zoom. The camera and microphone focus on the person that is talking at the time. School was harder than the previous years but I liked it better than zoom.
Date Created
February 9, 2021
Politz Day School
New Jersey
Cherry Hill