Politz Day School - Rochel: 7th Grade Covid Reflection

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Politz Day School - Rochel: 7th Grade Covid Reflection
COVID 19 had a big impact in my life. School was different, it was on Zoom. Politz was also a big impact on me, all the teachers made it much easier for us to learn, they gave us papers to print out before class, and made the schedule shorter so we can have a break from screens. Politz also helped us by still giving us the material we needed. And, about once a week we were allowed to come and grab some papers, or material for a project we were doing, and all the Politz staff made class interacting. COVID 19 definitely had an impact on my life.

As COVID got worse there were more obstacles along the way. At some points Politz didn’t let us come into the building. Or, we had big tests on zoom which was very difficult. There was a lot of background noise in some people’s houses, and some people were holding their siblings which started getting hard to concentrate. Also, if the whole family is on Zoom it starts getting glitchy and you can miss important information. Although Politz was great about zooming, there were definitely some difficulties along the way.

As COVID got a little bit better, in September we were able to come back to school! It was a lot of fun to see our friend in person and not digitally. Although some teachers and students were on zoom with the Owl. As you probably don’t know, an Owl is a speaker on a stand. The Owl also has a camera and when you talk the speaker follows you. It was a big help. So the teachers and students were able to see us although they were at home. Some other protocols we had to do when we came back to school were in the beginning of the day we had to get our temperature check and had to fill out a form so the school knows we weren’t in contact with anyone that had COVID, or if we had to quarantine. We all had to wear masks, keep at least 6 feet apart from our peers, and we had to use barriers on our desks to keep from germs flowing around the classroom. And, if we wanted to go to a different classroom, we had to take our desk that was assigned to us and had wheels with us. School was definitely different but we went for a great adventure, and I hope Corona is not as scary with you!
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February 9, 2021
Politz Day School
New Jersey
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